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Jabberwock's Eye Staff
Jabberwock's Eye Staff
Location * Caterpillar's Plot
Based on Staffs
Assigned key 8
Series American McGee's Alice
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The Staff only lacks the Jabberwock's eye. Though he has two, I understand he's quite fond of them both.
Cheshire Cat

The Jabberwock's Eye Staff is the penultimate of Alice's weapons. As the name implies, the Eyestaff is a staff made from one of the Jabberwock's eyes. It has quite an amount of power, but as a consequence, can drain Alice's willpower rather quickly.


American McGee's Alice[]

Once Alice has destroyed the Voracious Centipede, she was taken to the Caterpillar's Plot. From there, she went down a twisty spire of stone surrounded by a lava lake, and up a podium which revealed the first piece of the staff, the wand. Alice was told by the Cheshire Cat that in order to complete the staff and receive its ultimate powers, she must collect the remaining pieces.[1]

Searching for the second piece of the staff, the hook, Alice ventures within Looking Glass Land before being brought in to Behind the Looking Glass. There, in About Face, Alice finds the second staff piece in the center of a massive clock platform shortly before having to fight the Mad Hatter and escape with the Gryphon. The staff's completion becomes a more crucial objective when the Gryphon informs Alice that the staff is the only tool that can bypass the gates to the Majestic Maze.

The duo then head to the Land of Fire and Brimstone where the Jabberwock dwells and thus the final piece of the staff. Alice engages the beast in combat before Gryphon arrives and slashes one of the Jabberwock's eyes out, granting Alice the final piece. While the Jabberwock retreats with the Gryphon in pursuit, Alice finally completes the legendary staff and returns to Caterpillar's Plot. After battling through a small platoon of high ranking Card Guards, she successfully punches a hole through the barrier obstructing the gates to the Majestic Maze with the Eye staff.

After this point, the staff becomes another addition to Alice's arsenal for the rest of the game.


Eyestaff - Secondary Attack

The secondary attack.

Similar to most weapons in Alice, it has two attacks, one primary and one secondary. The main benefit of this weapon is in long-ranged heavy assault.

The primary causes the staff to shoot a powerful laserbeam at the target. When released, the laserbeam ends and an explosive fireball is also shot. This makes the willpower drain inconsequential, as the secondary explosion occurs no matter how short the beam is kept up. Players should be very cautious when using this power as it can completely miss the opponent or worse, kill Alice by mistake.

Regardless more overall damage with less Will use is dealt by the secondary fireball than the laser beam. As such players can choose to be more economical and only utilize the fireball in short beam bursts to blast enemies from a distance.

Secondly, it blasts rocket-like orbs into the air that come crashing and exploding on opponents in a beautiful hazy purple mist. Care must be taken with this function too, as the raining orbs fall only where the target reticle(the purple pointer) points to. So if a player chooses to use the secondary attack, they must always keep the reticle onto a farther direction away from Alice until it the rainfall expires, as it can be quite damaging if it falls in proximity.


The Eye Staff is extremely crooked and bent, being made only from one material; wood. The wood creeps up the shaft to form a hook, which allows only one fitting attachment; one eye from the Jabberwock himself. The Jabberwock's eye is primarily yellow in color and has no pupil. The very front has a white gradient effect while the back and veins are a pure orange and red color. The eye of the Jabberwock is around the size of Alice's own head.


  • First piece – The wand is located on a podium surrounded by a lava lake in Caterpillar's Plot.
  • Second piece – The hook to attach the eye is located in the Hatter's boss fight arena in About Face.
  • Third piece – The Jabberwock's eye is located at the end of the first Jabberwock boss fight in Jabberwock's Lair.

Cheshire Cat's quotes[]

  • After obtaining the first piece of the Staff:

"The Jabberwock's Eye Staff is incomparably powerful, but its individual pieces are worth less than the carcass of a gnat."

  • After obtaining the penultimate piece of the Staff:

"The Staff only lacks the Jabberwock's eye. Though he has two, I understand he's quite fond of them both. I doubt time will change his mind. Speaking of which; where's the Hatter?"