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Alice: Madness Returns This article is about the real world.
"Into Londerland"
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Madness OST
Album Original Soundtrack
Artist Jason Tai
Length 01:45
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"Into Londerland" is the second last piece used in the official soundtrack and is the final piece used in gameplay during Alice: Madness Returns. It is played during Londerland, which is where the name is derived from.


"Into Londerland" is used as Alice steps slowly up the stairs of Moorgate Station after confronting Doctor Bumby. As she approaches the outside, it is notably different to its previous appearance before Alice arrived at Moorgate.

It is far more similar to London mixed with the Vale of Tears. The cobblestone streets have remained, along with the tall London flats and buildings, however, they are covered in Wonderland delicacies and its traditional appearance.

"Into Londerland" exaggerated this, as its music is similar to Wonderland music rather than the London music. The piece is calm and tranquil, however, it does mix London features such as steam effects, metal clanging and rattling (referencing the industrial appearance and growth of London during the era), deep piano notes and eerie wind.