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Ice Wand
Ice Wand
Based on Children's wands
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American McGee's Alice

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Withering cold incapacitates an enemy more completely than deep wounds, but Winter does not last forever.
Cheshire Cat[1]

The Ice Wand was one of Alice Liddell's weapons which had a considerable amount of power, although used up her Will very quickly.


American McGee's Alice

Alice came across the Icy Reception and made her way through a series of small platforms, which were difficult for her to grab at most periods of time, to obtain the Ice Wand.[1]


The Ice Wand has two different attacks, one offensive and one defensive, her primary being that the wand blows out an icy mist which freezes Alice's opponent and secondary being that it creates a wall of ice to protect Alice from an attack.


The Ice Wand was an extremely large weapon that Alice must hold using both hands. It consisted of the handle and the ice crystal. The handle was crooked and wooden with a few red markings on it, which basically served as a base for the main part of the weapon, the ice crystal itself. The crystal was crooked and spiked at the very edge, similar to a series of icicles which have merged at the base. They were an extremely vibrant blue and green color, with a smoky mist dampening the air around it.


Alice holding wand

Alice holding the Ice Wand.

  • If Alice equips the Ice Wand, her idle animation include her putting the wand under her arm and blowing on her hands to keep warm. As she does it, she sets off the wand, blowing ice behind her.
  • In some regions, the cover of the game, showing Alice holding the Vorpal Blade with blood splattered on her dress was deemed too violent on store shelves. Alternate versions of the cover include her holding the Playing Cards or Ice Wand instead, with the blood removed.


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