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Ice Snark
Ice Snark
First appearance Tundraful
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Melee attack Bite
Ranged attack Ice breath
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Ice Snarks are a savage enemy that have the ability to burrow underground. They bore a more threatening appearance than the original Snarks in Alice Liddell's third return to Wonderland.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Alice saw two Ice Snarks after going further in Tundraful, although they did not attack her, they growled at her and burrowed themselves in the ice. After obtaining the Hobby Horse, a group of Ice Snarks appeared and subsequently attacked her.[1]


Ice Snarks are a larger, more menacing variation of the Snarks. They have white eyes and their scales are a darker shade of blue and purple. They have sharp multiple fang-like teeth angled inward and their illicium have the esca at the tip, similar to an anglerfish. They have leaner legs with sharp claws at their feet unlike the Snarks.


  • Bite – Ice Snarks will leap and dive to bite Alice. At times they will burrow themselves underground and then rise up to bite her.
  • Ice breath – The ice breath of the Ice Snarks will freeze Alice in place, leaving her incapacitated and open for attacks.


When an Ice Snark prepares for its leap and dive attack, it will momentarily pause and emit a growl, signaling Alice to dodge its direction by moving out of the way. Another variation of its bite attack is when an Ice Snark is burrowed, Alice can escape its bite as the location of the Snark is noticeable due to its esca jutting out of the ground. A burrowed snark can be dug out by hitting the ground where its antler is peeking out with the Hobby Horse, which, in addition to digging it out, it will also knock it away and stun it, leaving it open for following attacks.

If ever Alice is caught in its ice breath attack, she can use her dodge ability to break the ice. Before the Ice Snark starts its ice breath attack, she can move out of its range by jumping or dodging out of the way.


Ice cube Snark

Ice Snarks in ice cubes.

  • There are several frozen Ice Snarks inside ice cubes in the warehouse next to the Mangled Mermaid. Most appear as the Ice Snarks do in Tundraful. No particular attention is brought to them, so they are likely a minor hallucination on Alice's part.
  • A giant Ice Snark can be seen frozen in Tundraful, shortly after the frozen sun becomes visible. A chandelier is suspended from the lure on its forehead, which emerges from the ice, and its ribcage is visible through the ice.
  • A design similar to an angler fish and a snark can be seen as Alice's Hollow Yves bow on her Siren dress.
  • The Ice Snark acts similar to the Antlion in American McGee's Alice.


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