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Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty
Biographical information
Alias Humpty
Provenance Wonderland
Physical description
Gender Male
Skin color Dirty white
Skin type Shell
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Humpty Dumpty is as literally cracked as the rest of Wonderland, figuratively. Much of his shell has been torn away, revealing a hard-boiled interior.


Through the Looking-Glass[]

Alice and Humpty Dumpty

Alice reciting the Humpty Dumpty song.

After crossing yet another brook into the sixth rank, Alice immediately encountered Humpty Dumpty, who, besides celebrating his unbirthday, provided his own translation of the strange terms in "Jabberwocky." In the process, he introduced Alice to the concept of portmanteau words, before his inevitable fall.

"All the king's horses and all the king's men" came to Humpty Dumpty's assistance, and were accompanied by the White King, along with the Lion and the Unicorn, who again proceeded to act out a nursery rhyme by fighting with each other.

American McGee's Alice[]

Humpty ignored Alice and sat there while bitterly smoking a cigar. He occasionally picked at his injuries and yelped in pain but he brought Alice's attention to the switch of the gate for her to open it and find the Blunderbuss.[1]


  • Humpty Dumpty has no actual lines, although he does serve a very good purpose of bringing Alice to the location of the Blunderbuss.
  • He appears in Alice: Madness Returns in a huge story book entitled, Humpty Dumpty, with him on the cover as he appears in Through the Looking-Glass.[2]


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