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Hollow Yves
Series * American McGee's Alice

Hollow Yves (pronounced "Hollow Eve") is the skull-bow around Alice Liddell's waist. His appearance differs depending on Alice's Wonderland and Otherland dresses. Although Alice's bows are all different shapes and sizes, they are all undoubtedly Hollow Yves.

In Madness Returns, Hollow Yves appears during weapon upgrades. It is implied that he is sentient and has the ability to speak to Alice, but his voice is unheard.



  • Classic: Hollow Yves appeared to be a bow, which had a skull clasped around the tie. It was attached to a fairly firm ribbon around Alice's waist. The skull itself was very long in shape and was a cream color that appeared to decay mildly in certain areas. The cream of the skull matches the ribbon itself, but on Alice's dress it appears to be more of a white color.
  • Steamdress: Hollow Yves took the form of a bow again, but much more stereotypical and similar to a classic bow. The skull was replaced with a green watch, that had the appearance of glass, and was surrounded by a bronze metal border. The fairly torn and worn bow was similar to steam-punk "bat" wings which stuck out on either side of the clock.
  • Siren: Hollow Yves was replaced to fit the underwater theme of Deluded Depths. The human-like skull had became the skull of an Angler fish. The main difference was that the filament that sprouted from the top of the fish's head, which was normally on the chin, was extremely elongated to an abnormal size, making Alice look as if she had a tail. The bow was replaced with a large, thick "whisker" type abnormality that was present on either side of the fish's head.
  • Silk Maiden: The bow was extremely similar to that of the original Hollow Yves design with some minor differences. The bow was differently tied and was much larger due to the fact that the bow was based on an obi musubi (a kimono obi knot) specifically a bunko musubi. The Hollow Yves skull took a green color palette while the bow itself consisted of two shades of pink due to it being made up of two obi sashes, and had two bows instead of one. The sash was tied with two obijime cords in blue and teal/green. The face of the Hollow Yves was similar to an Oni mask rather than a skull.
  • Royal Suit: The bow was similar to her Classic dress, however, it was black in color with a matching golden pattern that manned itself around the edges of the bow and the hanging ribbons. The pattern was simply a golden line which was covered by another line of golden hearts. The skull was replaced by a twisted heart-shaped skull to fit in with the Queensland setting and had morphed into a dark gray grim heart-shape. Its eyes were a red color, which tended to look as if they are glowing, similar to the filament ending on the Siren dress.
  • Misstitched: Hollow Yves took the form of the original bow, but also borrowed the color scheme of pink from the Silk Maiden. The Misstitched dress used a broken doll's head over the bow's tie. The head had a button nose, empty eyes, a gaping mouth, and purple-blushed cheeks. The skin tone was a white color infused with grey tones and was scratched.


  • Checkmate: Hollow Yves' usual skull design changes to a white king piece. The bow becomes a red-and-white striped design, completing Alice's overall chess appearance.
  • Cheshire: Hollow Yves has been replaced with a pair of hip bones, along with a long, bony tail trailing down from the center, which shifts back and forth, resembling the Cheshire Cat's tail down to the tuft of hair at the end.
  • Fleshmaiden: Hollow Yves is replaced with an eye and two tentacles tied in a bow-shape manner.
  • Hattress: Hollow Yves also took the form of a bow, though replaced with cog-pieces similar to the Steamdress, and the skull became a black round glass surrounded by a bronze metal border. The ribbons of the bow were black leather straps.
  • Late but Lucky: Hollow Yves' skull is replaced by a rabbit tail and the ribbons are two rabbit feet. The bow itself is a light pink shade.

Alice: Asylum[]

  • Ash: Hollow Yves is in a decrepit condition. It is charcoal gray in color, and its ribbons are tattered and nearly covered entirely in soot. Same goes for the bow itself.


  • To the Moon: Hollow Yves lacks his ribbons and is used as a holder for both sides of the silver-white bow.
  • Around the World: Hollow Yves lacks his ribbons and is clipped on the huge red bow.
  • 20,000 Leagues Under: Hollow Yves lacks his ribbons and is clipped on the huge navy military-styled blue bow with a white center.
  • To the Centre: Hollow Yves lacks his ribbons and is clipped on the huge brown bow.


Mirror Image - Tweedles

Hollow Yves in American McGee's Alice.

  • According to American McGee, Hollow Yves could be seen as a symbol for mortality or death always lurking behind Alice everywhere. Collecting Teeth is symbolic of returning bone to bone.[1]
  • Hollow Yves is likely a pun on "hollow eyes", referring to the empty eye sockets of skulls.
    • Coincidentally, Yves as a name stems from a root meaning "yew". Yew trees are, fittingly, considerably poisonous, but are ironically long-lived.
  • In the French edition of Alice: Madness Returns, Hollow Yves is called "la fée de Cottingley" ("Cottingley Fairy"), which is a reference to the famous case.
  • Caterpillar is the only DLC and Wonderland dress that Hollow Yves does not appear in as a bow.
  • In Alice: Otherlands, the Classic dress is the only dress to have Hollow Yves' ribbons.
  • Unlike the previous dresses, the new dresses in "Leviathan" have no ribbons and Hollow Yves retains its skull appearance in each of them.


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