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Hollow Hideaway
Hollow Hideaway - Bill's house
Location Southwestern hemisphere
First appearance Vale of Tears
Series American McGee's Alice
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AMA Vale of Tears map
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Previous Pool of Tears
Next Just Desserts
Wits are useless here – everything is down-side up!
Bill McGill about Alice's wits

Hollow Hideaway was the second section of the Vale of Tears that led up to a battle with the Duchess. Alice met Bill McGill who told her the Duchess's location and led her to his house.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice fell from the waterfall the Mock Turtle guided her to and landed softly into the pool below. She made her way to the shore and battled several Army Ants along the way. Afterwards, she navigated her way to Bill McGill's house and met Bill McGill. He greeted Alice and alerted her of the situation. He also told her that she would be useless against the Duchess, who was hiding inside of the house, and that her wits were nothing. During the conversation, he continually asked for brandy and seemed quite care carefree over the situation. However, he was quick to run away when the house's doors burst open, consuming and dragging Alice in.


Hollow Hideaway - Ants

Army Ants patrolling the hideaway.

The area was as murky as the Pool of Tears, however, it was more heavily littered with enemies and the rocky faces were slightly more green with moss and grass. The area also had very large pools of water rather than long streams, which was still heavily diluted of color and shadowed in mist. There were also several large areas of land which lacked plant life but were normally rife with enemies who were waiting for the arrival of Alice.

Bill McGill's house was at the center and inside of the trunk of a tree surrounded by the deep waters. His house was in incredible disrepair and there were several torches outside of it. There was a small path leading from the house to the riverbank, where several leaves were on the water. There were also a few colorful mushrooms hidden in the corners.


  • Bill McGill's house

Residents and creatures[]


  • In the Spanish edition of the game, the level is called "Falso Escondite", which translates to "False Hideout".
  • Although the Mock Turtle was supposed to take Alice to the location of the Duchess, he was absent from this section.