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Hobby Horse
Hobby Horse
Location Tundraful
Based on Hobby horse
DLC Knightmare
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Weapon poster
Hobby Horse poster
Can knockback and knockdown even the heaviest of enemies.
Hollow Yves

The Hobby Horse is one of Alice Liddell's weapons. It is used as a large hammer-like weapon for more heavy duty-foes and enemies with tough defenses. The weapon appears to possess a living quality as it neighs when used.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Hobby Horse in Tundraful

The Hobby Horse found in Tundraful.

After being knocked out by Jack Splatter,[1] Alice returned to Wonderland and had arrived in Tundraful by falling from the sky. She moved further in the area and noticed an Ice Snark before the creature dived back in the ice. Along the way, she discovered one of the frozen carcasses of the participants of the Caucus Race.

After she managed to get past the Yeti's strong breath of wind, another carcass was present near the entrance of a cavern. She went inside and found the Hobby Horse. Subsequently, a group of Ice Snarks appeared and attacked Alice. After finishing them off, she was able to continue her journey in Tundraful.[2]


Alice versus the Card Guards

Alice fighting the Card Guards.

Being very heavy, it has a lot of power behind it when it falls down on foes or the ground, and the burst of force that is created when it hits harms nearby enemies. It is also powerful enough to break the defensive moves of most enemies except for the very strongest. It can also be used with the Vorpal Blade in a combo, giving a lot of damage, and break weak surfaces like the Clockwork Bomb.

However, being so heavy, the Hobby Horse has its disadvantages. Unlike the light-weight Vorpal Blade, with its quick slashes, Alice must first lift up the Hobby Horse before and after every swing requiring deliberate timing to make use of its slow swings. Also, Alice cannot move in different directions while she is attacking. These slow attacks leave Alice open to other enemies, even when performing a combo. 

The Knightmare handles the same as the original weapon, but every time Alice makes a successful hit, it restores a quarter of a Rose in her health.


Hobby Horse upgrades

The appearance of the Hobby Horse per upgrade.

The Hobby Horse changes its appearance through upgrading. Its appearances are based on the horses of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Level 1: Pestilence, Level 2: War, Level 3: Famine, Level 4: Death, the "pale rider").

  • Level 1: A classic-looking hobby horse made from light brown wood. It has a blank expression and round eyes with light blue wheels, rope reins and "collar detail" around the neck. Its mane is made from a piece of rope.
  • Level 2 (requires 500 Teeth): Made from red metal, with a red-and-white-striped stick and "collar," a round studded weight where the wheels should be. The horse head has an enraged expression, blue leather reins, and a red and white mane made from segmented pieces of curved metal.
  • Level 3 (requires 625 Teeth): Black metal body and head with red nostrils and red glowing eyes, black reins, a spine-segmented stick, and a shell-like weight at the end. Although the mane is metal, it looks more like a real mane with flame-like curls.
  • Level 4 (requires 775 Teeth): A "hobby unicorn" with a silver body and head. The head has gold glowing eyes, nostrils and a single horn protruding from the forehead. The weight is pointed, resembling a diamond, and the reins are made from white leather and chains. The mane appears longer and more wild.

In Hysteria mode, the Hobby Horse is bloody and bandaged. Like her other weapons, the Hobby Horse is also twice as strong.



The Knightmare.

The Knightmare somewhat resembles a skeletal version of the level 4 Hobby Horse. The mane is made from a spinal column, and a purple flame emanates out of the eye sockets. Antlers connect with the skull, and a horn juts out, slightly above the eye sockets. The Knightmare also gives bonus healing to Alice Liddell whenever she makes a successful hit to an enemy, however, this effect is only active while she is using it.


  • The name of the Knightmare is a play on the word "nightmare," a scary dream, relating to the fearful appearance of the weapon, but it also contains the words "knight," a Middle Age warrior who followed the code of chivalry, and "mare," another name for a female horse.
  • This weapon is based on a traditional child's toy called a hobby horse, or a cock horse. They were particularly popular during the days before cars, and allowed children to pretend they were riding a real horse. They were made from a straight stick, which made up the body, and a fake horse head usually made from wood or stuffed fabric.
    • The hobby horse may have reins, a mane made from rope or hair, and a small wheel or wheels attached to the bottom end of the stick that help the child move it along; the Level 1 appearance of the weapon is heavily based on the traditional look of the toy. The word "hobby" can mean "a small or middle-sized horse", "an ambling or pacing horse" or "a pony".
  • It is the second, short-range melee she gains in the game – the other being the Vorpal Blade.
  • In the unused audio, Alice mentions that she attempted to hit Nan Sharpe with a Hobby Horse when she was younger, ever so slightly missing her and hitting the dry wall, hence why one has manifested as a weapon in Wonderland. Alice also referred to one during her adventures in Through the Looking-Glass to the White Knight.
  • Two Knight chess pieces are present on each side of the location of the Hobby Horse in Tundraful.


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