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American McGee's Alice Wonderland
Herbaceous Border
Rabbit's death
Location Western hemisphere
First appearance Wonderland Woods
Series American McGee's Alice
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Wonderland Woods map
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No time for self-pity. Evade these savage soldiers and find Caterpillar.
Cheshire Cat to Alice Liddell

The Herbaceous Border was the second section of the Wonderland Woods. Alice witnessed the White Rabbit get crushed by the Mad Hatter's foot on their way to the Caterpillar.


American McGee's Alice[]

When Alice arrived, she was confronted by the White Rabbit who exclaimed that they must keep going on, however, seconds later as the Rabbit took off he was almost immediately crushed by the Mad Hatter's feet. As Alice mourned the death of her childhood friend and guide, the Cheshire Cat confronted her over her pain and convinced her to keep on moving. Alice then continued onwards until she finally reached a hole where she jumped down and was then trapped by a marble which was dropped down the hole by the Ladybugs.


Herbaceous Border - Blood Rose

The oversized plant life in the Herbaceous Border.

Similar to most other areas on the Wonderland Woods, it was surrounded by oversized plant life that lacked vibrancy. There were a lot of dirt and dust in the area, causing a layer of an almost thick fog that surrounded it. There were also rocks and other fungi that inhabited the area.

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