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American McGee's Alice Alice: Madness Returns London
Heironymous Q. Wilson
Doctor Wilson
Biographical information
Alias Harry
Provenance London
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color White (in old age)
Personal information
Allies Cratchet
Occupation Rutledge Asylum doctor
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Sometimes she appears to be so close, but at other times I'm certain it'll never happen and she'll spend the rest of her life housed behind Rutledge's gaunt brown walls... with me.
— Heironymous Q. Wilson about Alice Liddell's condition[1]

Doctor Heironymous "Harry" Q. Wilson was responsible for the treatment of Alice Liddell during her decade-long time spent at Rutledge Asylum, following her care by Dr. Grantham at Littlemore Infirmary. He has been working at the asylum for decades since around 1841.


Alice's stay at Rutledge Asylum[]

His casebook included entries of his observations of Alice's behavior, as well as several drawings and a poem which was featured in excerpts throughout. The casebook was dated between November 4, 1864 and August 24, 1874, signifying that Alice was condemned to Rutledge for over ten years.[2]

When Alice regained her sanity, Wilson was surprised and satisfied. He wished Alice luck as she continued her life outside Rutledge. By this time, his health was failing.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

Alice's return in the asylum

Wilson in Alice's nightmare.

Wilson appeared alongside Nurse Cratchet during a horrific hallucination of Alice returning to Rutledge mentally broken. He stated his uncertainty that Alice will ever be cured and said that Alice was like a "bad penny" returning to him, leaving his reputation in ruin. He then ordered Alice to stay in her cell as if she was a dog and left with Nurse Cratchet.[3]

Relationship with Alice[]

Though he had achieved a state of closeness with her, he seemed to be skeptical of Alice ever regaining her sanity, though the final entry in his casebook, excluding the last verse in Alice's poem, alluded to the possibility of self-gratification that she will spend the rest of her life with him.[2]

Alice felt his "questions always seemed intrusive," his "prodding ill-conceived," and his "practices dubious at best." Despite this, Alice does not seem to resent him since she knew he never meant to harm her and did have good intentions. She would instead understand if Wilson resents her because she was a "great disappointment" to him.



American McGee's Alice - Trailer HQ

Possibly Wilson's voice in a trailer.

  • Wilson is not shown or mentioned at any time in American McGee's Alice, and is known only through the game's complementary casebook, although a voice is heard speaking to Alice off-screen during a promotional trailer of the game. It is possible this voice is Wilson's. He asks Alice what's wrong and she replies her parents are dead. He asks her what else is wrong and she tells him something's broken. Finally, he asks Alice what's broken and she replies "I am." It was only until Alice: Madness Returns when Wilson was given a physical appearance.
  • Wilson has a friend named George who he once wrote a letter to.
  • Like most of the events noted in his casebook, Wilson seems to be based on the residents of Wonderland, particularly the White Rabbit, the Caterpillar and possibly the Mad Hatter.
  • The Past Matters section in Extra Content of Alice: Madness Returns misspells his first name as Hieronymous.
  • Prior to appearing in the Rutledge Asylum hallucination, Wilson can be heard in several of Alice's collectable memories.
  • Alice being surrounded by Wilson in her coma is likely where Alice learned a lot of her refined language.