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Red Queen outlineThis article is about the palace in Queensland.
For the main residence of the Queen of Hearts, see Dark of Heartness.
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Heart Palace
Location Eastern hemisphere
First appearance * Queensland [AMA]
  • Chapter 4 [AMR]
Series * American McGee's Alice
  • Alice: Madness Returns
Location on map
Queensland map

The Heart Palace was the resting place of the Queen of Hearts located in Queensland. It was left in ruins after Alice destroyed the Queen in the Heart of Darkness[1] and was the last location that she visited.[1][2]


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice entered the palace through an elevator in Ascension and she arrived at the lobby through the heart-shaped door.[3] She further explored the area and came across rooms with the markings of different card suits. Alice had gone into several rooms to open the Great Heart door to gain access to the throne room.[4] After successfully completing the task, the Cheshire Cat gave Alice last bits of information until he was decapitated by one of the Queen of Hearts' tentacles. Alice mourned for the Cat and then proceeded to fight the monarch. After a long tedious battle, Alice came out victorious.[1]

Alice: Madness Returns[]

White King sacrificing himself

Alice seeing the White King's doomed fate.

After arriving in Queensland, Alice found the White King tethered through the door of the castle and the only way to pass through was to kill him. The King had already accepted his fate and urged Alice to kill him to show her the true meaning of sacrifice, but not before warning her of the Executioner.[5] Alice eventually met the out-sized killer himself and was chased throughout the castle[6][7] till the Majestic Maze.[8]

When she arrived at the center of the maze, she found an Eat Me cake that made her grew to tremendous size and enabled her to crush the Executioner with her foot. She continued further to the Dark of Heartness to find and talk with the Queen of Hearts. After drinking the liquid in the fountain, Alice returned to her normal size and was able to enter the Queen's main abode.[9]

While Alice came closer to the entrance of the Dark of Heartness, the Queen strongly told Alice to leave her alone and to go away. Alice paid her no heed and ventured further until she finally found the throne room with the Queen herself sitting on her throne. The two conversed and the Queen reprimanded her for allowing another to rule Wonderland. They eventually came to a compromise where the Queen showed Alice the truth that made her realize who caused the death of her family and tried to make her forget them.[2]


American McGee's Alice[]

The background while in the elevator was similar to a spine of a body. The lobby of the castle had a foyer and there were little gargoyle statuettes similar to those found in the White Castle in Pale Realm. When walking through the heart-shaped door, pictures of Mad Hatter, Jabberwock, and Tweedledum were found in the room. There were rooms marked with an assortment of card suits which opened the Great Heart door.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

The Queen's portrait

A portrait of the Queen's puppet body.

The palace had been in ruins since the arrival of the Dollmaker. Most of the rooms were destroyed and there were a lot of huge holes on the ground. In first room of the castle, a huge portrait of the Queen's puppet body was present. The chessboard rooms were the only rooms to remain undamaged. There were also several pieces of land and chained platforms that served as pathways to go to the different parts of the castle.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice: Madness Returns[]

  • Dark of Heartness
  • Majestic Maze

Residents and creatures[]

American McGee's Alice[]

Alice: Madness Returns[]


  • The Heart Palace was referred to as Queen's Keep in the Wonderland map of the old EA website for American McGee's Alice.[10]
  • The place where the Queen of Hearts resides is called the Heart of Darkness. It contains the parts of her body, as well as her tentacles and spine. However, in Alice: Madness Returns, it has been renamed Dark of Heartness, possibly to avoid copyright as Heart of Darkness is a real-life novel.
  • The whole palace can be seen in one of the concept arts of The Art of Alice: Madness Returns.
  • There is an area which appears at the Queen's final form. It is still part of the Heart Palace, specifically the Heart of Darkness, but is technically not part of any domain.


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