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Alice: Madness Returns Wonderland
Effect(s) Loses Teeth instead of Roses
Based on Mad Hatter
Series Alice: Madness Returns
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Time for Tea.
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The Hattress is one of Alice Liddell's outfits available as DLC, inspired by the Mad Hatter. The dress' in-game effect is Alice losing Teeth instead of Roses when she is hit by an enemy.


Alice has taken the Hatter's preference about her hair getting cut, as her locks had been trimmed into a crop. The dress also changes Alice's irises to a copper color with a gear spinning around each one.

Dress symbols[]

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  • Mercury – – Ruler of Travel (builder of trains); represents the Hatter.
  • Saturn – – Represents matter taking precedence over mind or spirit (machines taking over); Ruler of Law (the new law of Wonderland being introduced).


Alice wears a type of white straitjacket with black straps, although fashioned with a skirt, and marked with a small symbol of Mercury, the element that drove Hatter mad. Hatter's gold mechanical arm replaces her own left one, and she also wears green stockings to simulate the Hatter's skin. She dons white gloves, black boots, and a smaller version of Hatter's black and white checkered top-hat with astrological symbols.

Hollow Yves[]

Hollow Yves also took the form of a bow, though replaced with cog-pieces similar to the Steamdress, and the skull became a black round glass surrounded by a bronze metal border. The ribbons of the bow were black leather straps.


Arm shake

Alice in the costume.

  • Hattress has the same alchemical symbols as the Streamdress, and is the only DLC dress with alchemical symbols.
  • Although Alice wears a hat similar to Hatter, the symbols on the hat are different than his.
  • Similar to the Siren, which is the only domain dress to change Alice's hair through underwater physics, the Hattress is the only DLC dress to cut the length of her hair considerably making it short, despite the fact that the Cheshire is also originally intended to do this.
  • The Hattress is American McGee's favorite dress from Alice: Madness Returns.[2]