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Hatter's Domain
Hatter's Domain
Location Western hemisphere
First appearance Chapter 1
Dress gained Steamdress
Series Alice: Madness Returns
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Hatter's Domain map
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Answer me Hatter, I'm suffering. And changes here are the cause, or they're a reflection, or the effect. What's going on? What are the new rules?
Alice Liddell asking Mad Hatter about the new changes in Wonderland[1]

The Hatter's Domain was an area of Wonderland and the home of the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse. It was taken over by the Hare and Dormouse after being tricked and turned it into a factory to build the Infernal Train.[2] It collapsed when the Mecha was destroyed by a giant metal teapot dropped by the Hatter and was submerged in tea.[1]


American McGee's Alice[]

Main article: Behind the Looking Glass
Crazed Clockwork

The Domain's former appearance.

Hatter's Domain could be considered to be the "Behind the Looking Glass" level, although it is unknown if they are the same location. The Hatter's Domain resembled much more of an insane asylum than it did a floating empire, which could represent Rutledge Asylum. It had a mirror maze where Automatons patrolled, and an insane asylum of children that were kept under guard by Nightmare Spiders.[3]

After defeating Tweedledum and Tweedledee,[4] Alice fell further into the domain where she discovered the truth of the Automatons being made from Insane Children and the cruel experiments the Hatter had put his friends through.[3] Gryphon informed Alice that he checks his experiments at tea time, where she battled him until he malfunctioned and his head exploded.[5]

Alice: Madness Returns[]

Cheshire in the tram

Cheshire warning Alice.

Alice arrived at the Hatter's Domain via tram. During the ride, the Cheshire Cat warned Alice about the impeding danger, but Alice paid him no heed and rudely told him to make himself scarce.[6]

The Hatter's Domain had become a tea factory instead of an insane asylum. The Mad Hatter himself had been reduced to pieces and put Alice up to the errand of recovering his limbs from March Hare and Dormouse who had taken over the factory and suspended pay of the workers.[5]

Mad Hatter's break down

The Mad Hatter's break down.

The factory used dodos to power machinery and had hot tea, as well as molten metal, pouring everywhere to stop Alice in her tracks. Alice traveled down the garbage chute each time she recovered Hatter's limbs and assisted the Hatter in stopping the duo.[7][8]

When Hatter killed Hare and Mouse, he himself went beyond mad and ignored Alice's demands about the Infernal Train and was assumed to have died trying to have another tea party with his friends.[1]


  • Crockery
  • Cranking Up & Pressing Down
  • Smelling & Regurgitating
  • Assemblage (or Destruction)

Residents and creatures[]


  • In Alice: Madness Returns, the domain was more of a representative of the Industrial Revolution that took place in Great Britain in the plot's timeline and the poor work ethics that it suffered.[2]



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