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HMS Gryphon

The HMS Gryphon.

The HMS Gryphon was a sailboat inside a bottle found in Tundraful. Its captain was the Mock Turtle, and was named after his dead comrade, Gryphon. After the encounter with the Shipwreck Sharks, the ship crashed into Deluded Depths[1] and was destroyed.[2]


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Mock Turtle with his ship in a bottle

Mock Turtle telling Alice to come aboard his ship.

Alice discovered the ship in the end of Tundraful with the captain in it. He quickly told her to get into the ship and commented on their doomed fate. The Shipwreck Sharks continued to attack the bottle, and after noticing the growing crevice in the bottle, Alice thought that it would be best to dive before they become lunch.[3]

Along the way, a Shipwreck Shark set the ship off course and sent it crashing to various rocks through Deluded Depths.[1] With his ship a wreck, Mock Turtle felt the same as well and Alice tried her best to console him. She inquired about the Infernal Train although he evaded the question by saying to change the subject. He then told her to ask Caterpillar about the Train and urged her to attend Carpenter's show and gave her a ticket.[2]


  • The mini-game that Alice is faced with is mandatory for completion of the game. It can be easily completed by abusing the ammunition that is given to the player.
  • This is the second time in the series that the Mock Turtle had been too cowardly to face his problems and had used Alice to sort his problems.
  • There is a miniature ship in a bottle in Angus Bumby's office, possibly giving a real-world basis for the HMS Gryphon.


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