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Grasshopper Tea
Grasshopper Tea
Effect(s) Enhances Alice Liddell's running and jumping abilities
Series American McGee's Alice
Those who say, 'There's nothing like a nice cup of tea for calming the nerves', never had real tea. It's like a syringe of adrenaline straight to the heart.
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Grasshopper Tea is a power-up item that can be found throughout Wonderland. It appears to be an ordinary grasshopper but its thorax is in the shape of a tea pot, which contains a green "tea" that gives the drinker enhanced running and jumping abilities for a limited amount of time.


American McGee's Alice[]

The Grasshopper Tea was first found during the Herbaceous Border with some Card Guards surrounding it.[1]


Grasshopper Alice

Alice in her Grasshopper form.

When Alice Liddell drinks this seemingly vile substance, it makes her skin turn green, and it gives her black insect eyes. She also grows a pair of insect wings on her back, which allows her to jump very high and run very fast for a limited time. After the effects of the tea wears off, she returns to her normal state.

The Tea itself is in the appearance of a grasshopper, except that its body has been twisted slightly to appear more like a tea pot.


While present, the Tea affects two things other than Alice's appearance when in use. Alice's speed is accelerated to several times its original speed, allowing a quicker get away from some enemies and quicker movement when needed. Secondly, Alice can now jump several times her original height, as if she were flying. This is particularly useful as a new and timed dodge mechanism which only lasts so long. The Tea itself hints that it allows greater jumping, as it tends to jump around itself.


Grasshopper tea concept art

Concept art.

  • The logo for the official American McGee forum was once the concept art of the Grasshopper Tea.
  • In the demo, the Grasshopper Tea appears in several places which is does not finally appear, however, this was probably just to demonstrate power-ups earlier-on in the game.
  • Because the 2011 remaster of the game contains updated textures, including more of Alice's neck area exposed, her neck area is not updated to show the green skin.