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Gigantic Alice

Gigantic Alice after eating the Eat Me cake.

Gigantic Alice is the effect of Alice eating the Eat Me cake in Majestic Maze. While in her enormous state, she is only able to attack either by stomping or swiping and kicking multiple swarms of relentless Card Guards. As she towered over the maze, she easily navigated her way through Queensland.[1]


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Alice stomping

Alice stomping her way to Dark of Heartness.

After eating the Eat Me cake, Alice killed the Executioner with her foot and launched a full frontal assault on Queensland as a one-woman army. She made her way to the Dark of Heartness by stomping on floor portals that summoned more Card Guards and eliminated them swiftly which dried out flesh walls.

She then destroyed the cannon towers and rid the area of the Queen's wretched tentacles to proceed to the tower and rip out the heart at the bottom. When the tower collapsed, she found a small fountain filled with the Drink Me potion to regain her normal size and set off to find the Queen's whereabouts.[1]


Alice is automatically in her Classic dress when she grows into enormous size even if she is wearing a different dress. Not much of her appearance changed except her height.


  • It is a reference to Alice's first trip down the rabbit hole, inside the Queen's Court, where she eats a mushroom given to her by Caterpillar and grows to a great size, stomping on cards and destroying nearly everything in her path.
  • In the Beta trailer, Alice was wearing the Royal Suit when she grew, however, in the final release, her dress reverts to her Classic dress.


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