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Alice: Madness Returns London
Location Bow Street, London
First appearance Chapter 4
Series Alice: Madness Returns

The gaol, or jail, is a simple British gaol like any other during the Victorian era in the city of London.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Two policemen talking about Alice

Alice's incarceration after Mangled Mermaid was burned down.

Alice Liddell had been to the gaol a couple of times before, mostly due to her psychotic episodes in which she visited Wonderland. Alice had also been incarcerated previously at the same time as Jack Splatter, who denied setting the Mangled Mermaid on fire and tried to put the blame on her. She retaliated by beginning to rant about his despicable ways until she collapsed on the floor.[1]


Policemen appearance

A common appearance of gaol's police force.


The gaol is three stories high. The second floor is for prisoners, while the bottom is for visitors or people outside of the establishment for their own reasons.


The police force of the gaol are extremely fit and muscular. Their uniform is a navy blue police uniform which consists of tail coats, trousers, top hats, and black boots. Their top hat has a golden badge on its front and their waist is tightened by a belt.


  • It was stated that many of the homeless or drunks would rather stay in the prison than spend another night on the streets of London.[1]
  • While the gaol is shown to be three-stories high, only the first and second floors are accessible. There are also no indications of stairs or ladders that lead up to the third floor.
  • In the Beta Content of Alice: Madness Returns, Alice originally was intended to partake in a police chase throughout London. This was cut from the game entirely, however, some objectives are still found in the in-game files and footage can be seen of Alice running from police in the beta trailer.[2] It is possible that from this, Alice was originally meant to be caught and have to navigate her way through a much larger edition of the gaol. These concepts, although not shown in the trailer, can still be found in concept art created by Tyler Lockett.
    • Originally, somewhere near the beginning of the game, Alice had to take a police officer named Carmine on his first patrol. During this, Alice had objectives which included taking cover, shooting bottles with a pistol, climbing over barricades, performing "cover slips" and "SWAT turns".[2]


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