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Fungiferous Flora
Fungiferous Flora - Plant light
Also known as Fungiferous Forest
Location Western hemisphere
First appearance Wonderland Woods
Series American McGee's Alice
Location on map
Wonderland Woods map
Further information
Previous Icy Reception
Next Centipede's Sanctum
Bring the intruder to my den. I will punish her insolence and dispose of her!
Voracious Centipede to his army

Fungiferous Flora, called Fungiferous Forest by the Caterpillar,[1] was the fifth section of the Wonderland Woods. It was an extremely short area that was elongated by an abnormal amount of enemies.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice was transported to the area after receiving the Ice Wand from the Icy Reception. When she arrived, she was immediately pinned by several Killer Mushrooms, and after defeating them she was ambushed by even more enemies. As Alice left the cave and continued further, she eventually came past a puddle and dived in after killing the Snarks. When she resurfaced, she scaled the hill and eventually came to a spot where she found the second Demon Dice. She then jumped down a knothole of a tree that led her to the Centipede's Sanctum.


Fungiferous Flora - Blood Rose

The enormous mushrooms in the area.

Fungiferous Flora was similar to the rest of Wonderland Woods with its tall strands of grass, enormous mushrooms, and generously-sized plant life. It took place during the night time and was swarmed with a large serving of enemies. It was a fairly rocky area that had many small puddles and crevices. As it was a dark level, there were many tall mushrooms that shone light down the premises.

The area also had a beautiful turquoise cave littered to the brim with Killer Mushrooms. It also had some small burning fires and pathways. At the very end of the section, there was a small knothole that led Alice to the Voracious Centipede.

Residents and creatures[]

Fungiferous Flora - Killer Mushrooms

The Killer Mushrooms, one of the common enemies in Fungiferous Flora.


  • In the Spanish edition of the game, the level is called "Flora Fungosa", which translates to "Fungus Flora".
  • Fungiferous Flora is the only section of the Wonderland Woods that takes place outside during night time.
  • The old EA website for American McGee's Alice refers to the Fungiferous Flora as Forest of Shrooms.[2]


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