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Fortress of Doors (sub-level)
Fortress of Doors
Location Southern hemisphere
First appearance Fortress of Doors
Series American McGee's Alice
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Fortress of Doors map
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Next Beyond the Wall
There's a Skool, inside the Fortress, where you'll find certain items for creating a concoction that will make you small.
Mayor Elder to Alice

The Fortress of Doors was the first section of the Fortress of Doors. After Alice Liddell agreed to Mayor Elder's request, they attempted to get inside the Fortress of Doors.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice and Mayor Elder left the Village of the Doomed by blimp, where Mayor Elder attempted to be as stealthy as possible. However, their stealth did not remain prominent for long after they were spotted by Card Guards on the broken platforms below. Upon being violently shot at, the Mayor landed the blimp and allowed Alice to get off, telling her to find the recipe and items for the shrinking potion. Alice fought her way through the tentacles and platforms until she finally reached a portal taking her to Beyond the Wall.


The Fortress of Doors was a dull place. The sky was black for miles and the broken building was a dim shade of gray. There were broken platforms everywhere and Card Guards from tip to tale. Some platforms tipped and bent depending on where Alice was standing. Some of the platform were cold, hard stone while others are rotting, broken wooden planks. The Fortress surrounded the Skool.


  • Skool

Residents and creatures[]


  • Unlike every other section, this section is named after its level.