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Fortress of Doors
Fortress of Doors - Door puzzle
Location Southern hemisphere
First appearance Fortress of Doors
Series American McGee's Alice
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Fortress of Doors map
The Fortress and the Skool within are massive structural puzzles that defy spatial logic and any conventional sense of direction. Have fun, and don’t get lost.
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The Fortress of Doors was the second location visited by Alice Liddell after the Village of the Doomed. It is effectively a school (oftentimes written as "skool") which was bordered on all sides by a large stone wall. It was the home of the Insane Children and also inhabited by several Card Guards and Boojums.


American McGee's Alice[]

From the Fortress of Doors, Alice retrieved the ingredients required to create a miniaturizing potion to follow the White Rabbit into the Vale of Tears.


Fortress of Doors - Outside

The outside of the Fortress.

The Fortress of Doors was generally quite a large area that succeeded the Village of the Doomed. It was full of doors and moving platforms. The floor was tiled in black and white and most structures were built of stone. The world was standing on nothingness and appeared to be floating through a massive portal that swished around colors of blues and purples blended together.

At the center of the fortress was a small Skool which was much larger on the inside. It was a great wooden unstable structure, rocking back and forth constant. It was decorated with murky reds, greens, and golden shades. It was in disrepair, being warped and broken in most areas.


The Fortress of Doors had four different sections:

Residents and creatures[]

  • Insane Children
  • Card Guards
  • Boojums

Weapons and items[]


  • There is a mural in the Fortress of Doors which foresees the events that take place in the Wonderland Woods.