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Fort Resistance
Fort Resistance
Also known as Doll fort[1]
Location Northwestern hemisphere
First appearance Chapter 5
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Location on map
Dollhouse map
The unstable are more than merely mad! They have other parts. The Dollmaker will deprive them of what remains of their deranged souls! They need care.
— The Insane Child Leader to Alice[2]

Fort Resistance was the base of the Insane Children located in the Dollhouse. It served as their last stronghold against the Dollmaker and his Ruin and doll creations until their capture.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

After Alice approached the hallucination of her burning home,[3] she was transported to the Dollhouse and eventually arrived at the Fort. She saw the Insane Child Leader with the remaining Insane Children coming out of the fortress' entrance and talked with her. The Leader cryptically explained to Alice of the Insane Children's fate and hers if she continued to let the Dollmaker take control of her Wonderland, though their conversation was cut short with the arrival of a Doll Girl.[2]

When Alice returned to the Fort again, the Insane Child Leader's dead body was outside the entrance with a pool of blood surrounding her and her eyes were gouged out. The Fort was also breached and there were no signs of the other Insane Children that previously accompanied the leader. After going inside the Fort, several Bitch Babies appeared and attacked Alice.[4]


Fort art

Concept art of the Fort.

The Fort was made up of several toys, the most common being toy blocks, and parts of a house. It had three towers, two of which had no roof and each having an eye on the front, while the other had a crayon-tipped roof. There were also three wooden spikes on the top of the Fort and one of the front spikes had a doll head stabbed from the base of the neck through the eye.

The front of the Fort had several eye drawings, a mouth toy block, and a face consisting of two eyes, a nose toy block, and a tongue below the "FORT RESISTENCE" banner above the main entrance door. It had huge holes on the top left side and two windows on the right, where one of which was broken, which was used by the Insane Children to peek through. A barricade also surrounded the Fort and was made of discarded pieces of doors and broken pencils. The interior of the Fort were mostly made up of toy blocks and planks that acted as ramps to access the upper parts of the Fort. A doll clock and a clown head mount served as decorations.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Insane Child Leader
  • Insane Children


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