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Alice: Madness Returns Wonderland

Alice using her floating ability.

Floating is an ability that enables Alice Liddell to safely cross huge gaps of land. However, the distance of her float per jump is limited, requiring her to perform succeeding jumps to reach long distances.


Alice can gently glide from one platform to another that were once before unreachable without this power. After performing a double jump, holding the jump button down will make Alice float, while silver-light butterflies twirls around her.

Performing triple jumps can be mixed with her floating ability to increase the distance she can glide. Once Alice has reached her third jump and covered the limited distance of her float, the silver-light butterflies turn red, preventing her from performing another jump and float.

Sometimes floating is mixed with other actions and abilities in order to get the full effect of the jump, such as Steam Vents, to help get Alice even closer to her destination with less power required.



  • Originally, the Umbrella was intended to be used when floating and gliding through the air, but this idea was later scrapped due to the association with Mary Poppins.[1]


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