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Fish couple
Fish couples
Biographical information
Provenance Wonderland
Physical description
Gender Male and female
Skin color Blue (male), orange (female)
Skin type Scales
Personal information
Allies Barrelbottom citizens, Mayor
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Fish couples are the residents of the city of Barrelbottom in the Deluded Depths.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Many were included in the massacre led by the Walrus and the Carpenter, alongside several squid-people and Barrelbottom's mayor who had been put in a crucifixation-like manner on an anchor with a saw-blade in his head.

Several of them were hung on hooks, or nailed and screwed into wooden beams where they were flayed open to reveal their intestines. Many were piled on top of one another, and some still lived as their moans were heard while Alice passed them, though they were beyond help.

There was a second wave of these fish couples who had come to see the show that the Walrus and the Carpenter were promoting. As such, they were subsequently fed to the Walrus during the show.[1]


They dress in neo-Victorian, and do not interact with Alice. The female has a fan and wears a bright purple shell necklace. She also wears a dark plum dress with a dark purple sash around her waist and a dark plum top hat with orange feathers at the top with a seaweed wrapped around the hat's base. The male wears a black vest and dark green-striped pants. He has a cane and a monocle. He also wears a small black top hat and black shoes.


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