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Fire Snark
Fire Snark
First appearance Land of Fire and Brimstone
Series American McGee's Alice
Melee attack Bite
Ranged attack Tongue, Fire Spit
The lava-dwelling versions of the killer fish are extremely dangerous. Rather than simply spitting nasty green goo, they launch fireballs.
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Fire Snarks were red and orange scaled fish that appeared throughout Alice's journey in Wonderland and were a counterpart of the regular Snarks.


American McGee's Alice[]

After arriving in Burning Curiosity, Alice went to a canyon full of Fire Imps. When she reached the near end, she saw a lava pool that housed a Fire Snark and had rocks as platform. Alice crossed the pool using the rock platforms to get to the canyon wall.[1]


The Fire Snarks took on the general appearance of a stereotypical fish with the addition of thin, chicken-like legs for swimming. The Fire Snarks were in a shade of flame red, orange and magenta to suit their environment.


  • Bite – Snarks swim towards Alice and violently nibble her, but Alice will die of burns before this is effective.
  • Fireball Spit – Snarks leap from the lava and spit fire at Alice causing her to burn up.
  • Tongue Lashing – It allows the Snark to drag Alice from the safety of land into lava, burning her to death.


To avoid them, Alice can look out for steam or small ripples in the lava which give away their position as they cannot be seen in the lava. As they are a fire-consumed enemy, it is a good idea to use the Ice Wand which will shock the Snark considerably.


  • The Fire Snarks and the Snarks are inspired by The Hunting of the Snark poem by Lewis Carroll.


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