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Fire Imp
Fire Imp
First appearance Caterpillar's Plot
Series American McGee's Alice
Melee attack Relentless stabbing
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Fire Imps are possibly one of the most devoted warriors in the Queen of Hearts' army, who relentlessly stalk Alice until she submits to battle. They are devil like creatures who roam freely in the warmer areas of Wonderland.


American McGee's Alice[]

After Alice arrived to the Caterpillar's Plot, she noticed that the Imps were scattered around the area, and upon her arrival they were instantly drawn to her. As soon as she was seen, they relentlessly tracked her down until they were caught in battle with her.[1]


Fire Imps are small, red-skinned imp creatures who dwell in fiery areas. They are around half the size of Alice, but are extremely muscular. They wear no items of clothing, but their legs are covered in a thick mass of hair which reach all the way down to their clawed feet.

Fire Imps have no hair on their head, but instead have strange circular markings and two tiny horns. They attack Alice using a small metal trident which is only around their own size.


Fire Imps only have a single attack, which is relentless stabbing. They cannot defend themselves, nor do they care for their lives as they are devoted to the Queen. While relentless stabbing is not literally relentless, they will poke Alice once, and if not killed, poke and again and again, however, there is a small pause between stabs.


Fire Imps are extremely easy to defeat; there is barely any tactic in attacking them, however, their only attack is melee, which is their relentless stabbing (consisting of poking Alice with a trident), so it is advised not to use melee attacks but instead ranged attacks. The Croquet Mallet uses very little Will and can kill them within one ranged hit.