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"Falling Down the Rabbit Hole"
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Album Original Soundtrack
Artist Chris Vrenna
Length 01:21
Preceded by
Followed by
"Village of the Doomed"
Wake up Dormy! It's time for the tea party!
March Hare, "Falling Down the Rabbit Hole"

"Falling Down the Rabbit Hole" is the first piece and intro to the American McGee's Alice Original Soundtrack. It used a mixture of sounds in the likeness of most Alice soundtracks while illustrating the death of her family during the games intro through the dialogue, similar to most of the tracks on the soundtrack.

It is one of the shortest pieces on the soundtrack and is not actually used during the opening scene or opening level of the game, although it fades into the "Village of the Doomed theme", which is in fact played at its appropriate time.

"Falling Down the Rabbit Hole" is the piece which uses the most dialogue out of all compositions used. It uses the entire intro to the game for the debut of the soundtrack (skipping out several sections to fit into the small time limit of the piece) and features the voice acting of five characters, including: Alice LiddellArthur LiddellMrs. Liddell, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. Only two of these character reoccur throughout the duration of the soundtrack.


  • March Hare: "Wake up Dormy! It's time for the tea party!"
  • Mad Hatter: "Eh, oh, eh eh eh...Ah, ah! Oh dear, oh dear! AH! Wake up Alice! WAKE UP!"
  • March Hare: "You must save Alice!"
  • Alice Liddell: "Mum? Father?!"
  • Mrs. Liddell:  "Get out Alice!"
  • Arthur Liddell: "Save yourself Alice! Get out of the house!"
  • Mrs. Liddell: "ALICE!" *screams*
  • Alice Liddell: *loud shrieking*