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Executioner AMR render
First appearance Queensland
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Melee attack Scythe
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Once inside, beware of the outsized killer who patrols her domain. Never confront him; he is invincible.
White King to Alice Liddell about the Executioner[1]

The Executioner was an invincible enemy in Queensland as Alice Liddell's weapons had no effect on him. After eating the Eat Me cake in the Majestic Maze and growing to a large size, she was able to kill him by stomping on him.[2]


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland[]

The Queen of Hearts ordered the Cheshire Cat to be decapitated, but the Executioner argued that he could not because the Cat lacked a body to decapitate. This led to an argument between the Queen, the King, and the Executioner about whether or not a disembodied head could be decapitated.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

The White King first warned Alice of the Executioner's existence before his death.[1] After meeting the Executioner himself, Cheshire appeared and told Alice that the Executioner made her an exception as he did not normally chase after those who escape him. He chased Alice throughout the kingdom with his scythe multiple times, twirling it around in an attempt to end her life.[3]

Executioner before his death

The Executioner meeting his end.

As the Executioner was completely invulnerable to any of Alice's attacks, the only means of survival was to keep him at bay. In order to move forward into more areas of the kingdom, Alice avoided his attacks and went into places he could not fit through.[3][4]

Eventually, the Executioner met his end in the ruins of the Majestic Maze, when Alice found a table with a cake resting on it. She took a bite and grew to a tremendous size. With the tables thoroughly turned, the patchwork monstrosity had only enough time to gape and drop his scythe in dismay before Alice squashed him under her foot.[2]


Executioner appearance

The Executioner's appearance.

The Executioner took on the appearance of an extremely large humanoid made of several different Card Guard parts, each piece of his crudely stitched body showing a symbol of a certain suit of a card deck. The top of his head was masked by a large red-and-black striped horned hat, and several of the Queen's tentacles were wrapped around the top of his body, even going through his eye sockets.


  • Scythe – The Executioner uses his scythe by twirling or swinging it while chasing Alice.
  • Summon – The Executioner can summon Card Guards on his own to attack Alice. He can also summon a vortex that can teleport Alice to a different part of Queensland.


Executioner front

The Executioner's jester hat.

  • The presence of what looks like a jester's hat and all Card colors may imply that Executioner is a Joker Card (hence its special abilities), but it is not confirmed.
  • Despite being killed by Alice in Majestic Maze, he makes a reappearance in one of the Radula Rooms in the Dollhouse.


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