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American McGee's Alice Alice: Madness Returns Wonderland
Wonderland concept art
Location Wonderland
Series * American McGee's Alice

Environments are areas or circumstances that contain many different organisms and hazards which surround Alice Liddell throughout her journey in Wonderland. They are all unavoidable and create the areas and routes that Alice must travel through.


American McGee's Alice[]

  • Bubbles – Can replenish air and maintain Alice's sanity underwater.
  • Falling objects – Boulders, stalactites, and debris that can kill Alice.
  • Ice – Slippery and dangerous.
  • Mushrooms - These allow Alice to exceed her normal jump distance.
  • Levers – It activates an important device or expose a cubbyhole once pulled.
  • Portals – These kaleidoscopic vortexes transport Alice from place to place in the blink of an eye.
  • Slime, lava, and acid – Alice will lose sanity if she steps into one of these hazards. Similarly, water will also kill Alice through drowning her before she receives the turtle's shell.
  • Steam Vents – The steam can lift Alice to high places.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

  • Acid – The Queen of Hearts's gastric juices will kill Alice. Likewise, hot tea in Hatter's Domain will abruptly kill her as well.
  • Darkness, lava, and Ruin – Staying in one of these hazards for far too long will continuously drain Alice's health.
  • Dual platforms – Platforms that work on a system of balance; if one goes up, the other goes down.
  • Metallic hands – Metallic fists that can crush Alice in Hatter's Domain.
  • Hookah – Allows Alice to create platforms and vents when smoked in the Vale of Doom.
  • Invisible platforms – Platforms that can only been seen by activating Shrink Sense.
  • Jellyfish – Different colored species of jellyfish that either help or kill Alice in Deluded Depths.
  • Mushrooms
  • Levers and valves
  • Lion Chop – A lion statue capable of breathing fire and stomping in Oriental Grove.
  • Pressure Pads – Large buttons on the floors that activate various machinery.
  • Sinking rocks and icebergs – Platforms that sink after Alice jumps on them.
  • Spikes – Can either be on the floor or in moving blocks capable of crushing Alice or her enemies.
  • Steam Vents
  • Swinging doll – A nailed covered doll, found in the Dollhouse, capable of killing Alice abruptly.
  • Switches – Red clock faces that will turn green once filled with pepper from the Pepper Grinder to manipulate the environment.
  • Water – Streams of water that can disrupt Alice's floating ability by pushing her downwards.