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Emmanuel Malin
Emmanuel Malin
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Born Paris, France
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Emmanuel Malin is a graphic artist, freelance illustrator and graphic designer. He worked as a concept artist at Spicy Horse in 2008, where he worked on Alice: Madness Returns.

Emmanuel received his bachelor's degree in interior design at ESAA Duperré (2001-2003), and went on to earn a DSAA, Medical & Scientific illustration at Ecole Supérieure Estienne des Arts et des Industries Graphiques (2005 – 2007).


His career began with freelance work for museums and various stints in graphic design and illustration. Now he frequently does work for international corporations, press pieces, comics, audio-visual pre-/post-production, and the entertainment industry. His freelance work with the video game industry includes two years spent as the art director for a forward-looking MMORPG.[1]


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