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Duchess basket
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Gives Alice Roses and Teeth


Alice: Madness Returns

The Duchess rewards the most diligent snout hunters.
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A Duchess basket is a breakable item given to Alice Liddell by the Duchess after completing her Pig Snout challenges.[1]


The Duchess gave Alice the task of peppering Pig Snouts around the area. The latter initially refused the task but later agreed to it when the former explained her reasons. Once Alice had peppered enough snouts, the basket appeared as a reward.[1]


The appearance of the basket is that of a common design. It is round, woven, and has a curved handle beginning from one side and ending at the direct opposite of the basket. The contents of the basket is covered by a worn cloth which appears to be a yellow-ish grey in color, which could mean it was once a cream color.

Each side of the cloth has a pink strip with an extremely dark grey pattern on it. The cloth is risen, giving the impression that the basket has a content but at the same time, it hides what that content is. It must be broken open using one of Alice's primary weapons.


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