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Duchess' home

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Alice: Madness Returns

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The Duchess' home was located in the Vale of Tears. The Duchess had given Bill McGill his own house back as she now resided in a gigantic hollow tree stump composed of merely a few walls and a kitchen.


Alice: Madness Returns

Alice Liddell confronted the Duchess, still weary of the latter's former self, and found her in a good mood. The Duchess claimed to be a different woman, having changed her diet to pig meat and shortly requested for Alice to pepper the Snouts at her backyard for her.

When Alice disagreed, the Duchess stated that pigs were filthy creatures and that she absolutely had no time to run around after them in fear that it will harm her "alabaster" skin. After Alice finished her task, the Duchess thanked her and made her leave.[1]

Residents and creatures


  • There was a backyard where the first Pig Snout is found.
  • The area had no front door and can simply be walked into. In this area, the Duchess gives Alice possession of the Pepper Grinder.


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