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Alice: Madness Returns Wonderland
Drowned Sailor
Drowned Sailor
First appearance Deluded Depths
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Melee attack Uppercut and ground smash
Ranged attack Firebombs
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Drowned Sailors are enemies present in the Deluded Depths of Wonderland. They are the souls of drowned men that were lost at sea, who at first appear to be a problem rather than a menace, but eventually can prove to be a dangerous nautical foe.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

While on her way to Barrelbottom, Alice encountered a different Drowned Sailor only capable of using firebombs.[1] After being stranded in the Lost Souls Locker, she fought with another Drowned Sailor and defeated him.[2]


Drowned Sailors wear a sailor uniform and some of them wear an eyepatch. They have rotting blue skin and yellow nails. Some have white or red hair, blue eyes with an outer red rim or white eyes, and some also clutch a broken bottle and have a pipe in their mouths.


  • Firebomb – Drowned Sailors can summon two bombs and throw one at Alice in an attempt to blast her.
  • Uppercut and ground smash – Drowned Sailors can burrow themselves until they are below Alice to perform an uppercut, and will immediately follow with a ground smash.



Alice Madness Returns - Tough Enemies 4 - Drowned Sailor

Alice fighting a Drowned Sailor.

The first problem with the Drowned Sailor is that it cannot be seen to begin with except for a swirling of the ocean's waters, two blue flames for eyes and a dank, dark ominous shadow that is the soul itself. In this stage, the feral ghost is invincible.

However, when the Drowned Sailor carries two bombs and cackles for a period of several seconds, this is the opportunity to use the Pepper Grinder, which will explode the bombs in its hands, giving Alice the opportunity to attack him with the Vorpal Blade. When dizzy, fish will fly around their heads.

The Drowned Sailor also chases Alice by burying himself underground and then raising up for an uppercut, following by a ground-punch which is rather powerful. After this second punch, whether it connected or not, the sailor will be knocked back and remain stunned on the ground for a while, open for attack. The Clockwork Bomb can lure him out and he will attack it instead of Alice. A slash at him can leave him dazed, which allows for a combo. Throughout the fights, the Sailor can disappear temporarily.


  • The Drowned Sailors whose souls leave their bodies after being defeated were not "formally" introduced during the game, unlike the actual Sailor who was introduced during the start of Lost Souls Locker.
  • Killing a Drowned Sailor without taking damage results in the achievement/trophy called Cold Arms, Cold Heart.

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