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Drowned Captain
Drowned Captain
Biographical information
Provenance Wonderland
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Personal information
Allies Lost Souls, Alice Liddell
Occupation Sailor
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Many thanks, Alice. Be as good to yourself as you've been to us. Haul anchor and heave to, men. It's the wide and glorious main for us.
— The Drowned Captain to Alice Liddell[1]

The Drowned Captain[2] was the captain of the Lost Souls in the crypts of the Deluded Depths. He was trapped in the graveyard of the Drowned Sailors and wanting his men to be free of torment, he asked Alice's help for them to rest in peace.[1]


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Alice met the captain after Carpenter and Walrus left her in the graveyard of the Drowned Sailors. He asked her help to free the souls of his three men and return them to his ship so that their souls would rest in peace. After Alice was able to free all three men's souls, the Captain and his crew thanked her and their souls passed on.[1]


Similar to the Drowned Sailors, the Captain wore a sailor uniform and had a red hair, rotting blue skin, and white eyes.


  • Unused text reveals the Captain telling Alice more hints of the truth behind the night of the fire and that the Carpenter is more of an ally.[3]


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