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Dormouse AMR render
Biographical information
Alias Dormy
Provenance Wonderland
Physical description
Gender Male
Skin color Gray
Skin type Fur
Personal information
Allies Alice Liddell (formerly), March Hare
Enemies Alice Liddell, Mad Hatter
Further information
Voiced by Arran Hawkins[1]
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Your presence here is unwelcome. We have a mission to complete, and you are an intolerable annoyance. Some like it hot, but no one likes it this hot! Ahahaha!
— Dormouse to Alice Liddell[2]

The Dormouse, nicknamed Dormy, was one of Alice's friends in Wonderland when she was a child. When she became insane, the Dormouse, alongside his friend, the March Hare, were turned into horrific experiments, being mutilated by their old friend, the Mad Hatter.[3]


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland[]

Tea party

The Dormouse with Alice, March Hare, and Mad Hatter.

The Dormouse spent his days at a never-ending tea party with the March Hare and the Mad Hatter. They were using him, while he slept, as a cushion when Alice arrived at the start of the chapter. Dormy was prone to falling asleep during conversations. Eventually the Hatter and the March Hare put his head in a teapot.

He later appeared, equally sleepy, at the Knave of Hearts' trial and voiced resentment at Alice for growing, and his last interaction with anyone was his being "suppressed" by the Queen for shouting out that tarts were made of treacle.

American McGee's Alice[]


Dormy as a test subject.

Like the March Hare, Dormy had literally become a lab rat in the Mad Hatter's workshop. Still prone to dozing off, partially because of the Hatter's medicines, the Dormouse seemed barely aware of his condition and was shocked repeatedly in order to be kept awake. He was also seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was no longer enjoying tea with friends.

In Crazed Clockwork of Behind the Looking Glass, Alice found the Dormouse strapped to a dissection table, with his gastrointestinal tract exposed and his legs replaced with robotic parts.[3] He seemed most concerned about tea above all else.

Dormy appears in an image during the ending credits.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

In an ironic reversal of fortune, he and the March Hare have taken control of Hatter's Domain and used it to build the Infernal Train.[4] They then ripped the Hatter apart and redistributed his limbs to serve various purposes in the factory. Dormy used the Hatter's arms in a metal smelting works in order to power his section of the factory.[2]

Mad Hatter's break down

The dead bodies of March Hare and Dormouse.

After the Hatter had been completed, the Hare and Dormouse appeared in a huge robot strongly reminiscent of the Hatter's clockwork sentries to fight Alice. However, the mecha was destroyed before the fight even began, by a giant falling teapot. The teapot's weight caused them to be thrown out of the mecha, killing both of them. As the domain started to collapse, the Mad Hatter tried to engage their corpses in one final tea party.[5]


American McGee's Alice[]

After Hatter's experimentation, the Dormouse was left with mechanical legs. His right mechanical leg lacked a foot while his tail was pieced together by metal. He wears headgear with a screw on the left side, since only the left part of the headgear is complete.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

Dormouse AMR render side

Dormy's new appearance.

Dormy resembled a wind-up toy mouse with wheels replacing his back legs and a wind up key surgically placed in his back to keep himself awake. Like the previous game, he wears headgear, now complete on both sides -- the headgear now has a bell at the top, screws on both sides since the right side was completed, and the left part of it keeps his left eye open. His right eye seems to be completely bloodshot. He wears a blue-and-white checkered vest.


  • Both the Dormouse and the March Hare were symbolic in the diseased Wonderland for the other patients of Rutledge Asylum who are experimented on and abused by doctors and Orderlies. Alice did nothing to free them from their torment.
  • Dormy's appearance in Alice: Madness Returns can be attributed to the psychotic "hard reboot" that Doctor Bumby had tried to impose on Alice's psyche.
  • Interestingly, the Hare and Dormouse seem to mix up their similes when threatening Alice. The March Hare announces that he will make Alice feel 'like a lobster that's been tossed into the boiling pot', although his primary methods of attack involve crushing. Likewise, Dormouse tells Alice that he's going to crush her, even though the Dormouse uses tanks of superheated metal to kill Alice.


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