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Dollmaker's Workshop
Location Dollhouse
First appearance Chapter 5
Series Alice: Madness Returns
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Dollhouse map

The Dollmaker's Workshop was a tall tower located in the Dollhouse. It was the apparent home of the insidious Dollmaker, prison of the Insane Children, and the heart of the new corruption of Wonderland before Alice Liddell ended Angus Bumby's life.[1]


Alice: Madness Returns[]

When Alice met the Dollmaker, she realized that it was Dr. Bumby, who she had come to recognize as the murderer of her family. Bumby, as the Dollmaker, was destroying whatever was left of Alice's mind, thus in turn destroying Wonderland, as well as tormenting the other children who were as insane as she was and turning them into submissive "dolls."

Dollmaker holding doll Alice

The Dollmaker holding doll Alice.

The Dollmaker claimed he was "performing a service," to which Alice declared that she will stop the Infernal Train if it was the last thing she did, and the Dollmaker confidently claimed that it will be. He proceeded to grab her, turn her into a doll, and drop her into the train with the other children that he turned into dolls.

However, Alice got one last burst of inner strength, enabling her to break free from her doll form and return to her human form in the Classic dress,[2] allowing her to make her way to the locomotive's engine room, where the Dollmaker served as the engineer and conductor of the train.[3]


Bottom of Dollmaker's Workshop

The bottom of the workshop.

On the outside, it was a tower of slender houses constructed together and birds, possibly crows, were circling around it. The bottom part of the tower had several metal strings attached to it to keep it afloat and underneath the tower was the Infernal Train.

The inside of the workshop was similar to the underground part of the Dollhouse. It had slabs of meat everywhere and imagery of the brain and an insect with its skeletal system. There were dolls clipped on metal strings and most of the dolls had the faces of the abducted Insane Children. The room of the Dollmaker had drawers as walls and his table had a hole intended for discarded dolls.

Residents and creatures[]


  • The Dollmaker's Workshop may be what Alice sees as the Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth as she begins to learn about its true purpose as well as its evil owner. The amalgamation of houses could represent the homes of the children.


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