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Alice: Madness Returns Wonderland
Doll Girl
Doll Girl
Also known as Dollgirl[1]
First appearance Dollhouse
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Melee attack Twirling slash, Pummel, Skip
Ranged attack Stomp, Fire breath
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The Doll Girl is an enemy present in the Dollhouse. She is one of the many enemies created by the Dollmaker to hinder Alice Liddell in her journey to the source of her madness. The Doll Girl either fights with hooks or blades, and has the ability to breathe fire.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

When Alice arrived in Fort Resistance, she met the Insane Children and their leader. She asked for Alice's help and told her about Wonderland's fate in a cryptic manner. However, their conversation was interrupted when the Doll Girl arrived, forcing the group to hide and Alice to face the enemy alone.[2]


The Doll Girl is twice as large as Alice and has no eyes. She is armed with two halves of a pair of scissors, and tends to swing it around playfully at Alice, screaming and staggering. A variation with hooks for hands can also be encountered. She walks like an infant and giggles hysterically when it "sees" Alice.


Fire breath

Fire breath.

  • Cover up – The Doll Girl covers her body with her arms; which makes her unable to be damaged.
  • Downward pummel – The Doll Girl brings her weapon down at an extreme speed.
  • Fire breath – The Doll Girl breathes fire over a small area in front of her. Generally used when she is defending herself, or after her arms are destroyed.
  • Skip – The Doll Girl skips cheerfully, damaging anything in her way.
  • Stomp – The Doll Girl stomps on the spot, sending a small shockwave.
  • Twirling slash – The Doll Girl spins fast, leaving streaks in the air. Contact with her blades at this time will cause a lot of damage.


The Doll Girl is quite fast when she catches sight of Alice, but she still has a noticeable pause before any of her attacks. Keeping distance is advisable when possible, as she lacks any ranged moves.

Using the Pepper Grinder or repeated melee attacks on a Doll Girl's body will tear off her dress and make her appear vulnerable. The Doll Girl tends to cover herself with her arms when she feels threatened, countering aggressive foes with her powerful fire breath.

To overcome this obstacle, target the Doll's arms (optimally with the Teapot Cannon). This prevents her from defending her body and also limits her attacks to shockwaves and fire breath, neither of which has especially good range.

Once her porcelain body takes enough damage, the front will shatter, revealing an oversized heart. Further damage to the organ causes it to explode, bringing down the Doll Girl.

Another plan of attack consists of removing the pins that hold her arms on. Running around behind the Doll Girl and shooting them out with the Pepper Grinder will leave the Doll Girl disarmed and weakened. The down side to this is it forces her to use her fire breath more which can be harder to avoid. The pins can be targeted independently from each other and the Doll Girl.


  • The milky heart cavity of the Doll Girl is an allusion to Alien.[3]
  • The Doll Girl may represent an abused child at the hands of Angus Bumby, who is heavily associated with dolls over the course of the game. Its mannerisms are quite childish, and the loss of its dress as it takes damage could reflect Bumby's intentions to convert orphans into prostitutes. It may also symbolize Lizzie Liddell, who Bumby raped and killed before burning Alice's house down.
  • The place the Doll Girl emerges from is that of a naked doll, with the door at the groin. This could symbolize the vaginal area of a female.
  • A new style of the wretched doll appears. This one has a pink dress and blue bloomers and also wears a green bow in its blonde hair. It also has abnormally big eyes, an open mouth and carries two halves of a pair of scissors, just like her "sister."[4] It is possible that this scene was originally an introduction to the Doll Boy, before the creature was cut from the game.
  • Game data suggests the Doll Girl was meant to have speaking lines. This includes, "Don't struggle, child. Resistance hurts you more than me. The damage has been done. My master has won. He always wins. Dead enough. Mad enough. Do you see yourself? The seeds of your destruction were sown long ago, and now he will reap the harvest. He owns your mind; you've just been renting. You owe a debt and he will collect. You're already gone."


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