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Demon Dice
Demon Dice
Location * Skool's Out
Based on Dice
Assigned key 7
Series American McGee's Alice
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Ahh... The Diabolical Dice! A word of caution: don't throw them when you're alone. The fiends lack loyalty and their notion of nourishment is quite disturbing.
Cheshire Cat

The Demon Dice, named the Diabolical Dice by the Cheshire Cat, is one of Alice Liddell's weapons first obtained in the Skool.


American McGee's Alice[]

As Alice made her way through the Skool, she eventually found the Demon Dice. The Cheshire Cat warned her never to use it alone, and upon disappearing, a Boojum appeared in an attempt to throw Alice off the ledge where she received the dice.[1]


Demon Dice pentagram

It is a set of three dice seemingly charged with demonic energy, allowing Alice to summon the denizens of hell by throwing the dice. The demon summoned is random, but more dice add a chance of summoning more powerful ones at the cost of a higher Will drain. The demons are not loyal to Alice and will attack her if no other targets are present once the dice are thrown.

As with most other weapons it has two attacks, a primary and a secondary. The primary throws the dice closer, while the secondary throws them a little farther. It is important to consider the circumstances to effectively use this weapon. They will often get cancelled if not thrown properly, for example if thrown on a rough surface, or if thrown in front of enemies who might step on them and cancel them that way (this only applies to enemies stepping on the dice, not Alice).

Once equipped, the crosshair becomes a golden pentagram and will appear when the Demon Dice can used effectively.

  • One pip on the surfaces of the dice will summon the lightning-spewing Lesser Demon.
  • Two pips on the surfaces of the dice will summon the tail-whipping, fire-lobbing Serpent Demon.
  • Three pips on the surfaces of the dice will summon the gigantic ice-spewing Demon Lord.


Demon Dice location

The first location of the Demon Dice.

The dice were found in separate locations throughout Wonderland:


  • It is the only weapon in American McGee's Alice that when picked up several times actually upgrades itself on every find.