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Dementia - Mayor Elder's house
Location Southwestern hemisphere
First appearance Village of the Doomed
Series American McGee's Alice
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Village of the Doomed map
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Next Pandemonium
Every adventure requires a first step. Trite, but true, even here.
Cheshire Cat to Alice

Dementia was the first section of the Village of the Doomed. It was where Alice first received her primary weapon, the Vorpal Blade.


American McGee's Alice[]

Dementia - First Encounter

Alice's first encounter with the Card Guard.

Alice's story began when she dropped down the rabbit hole, and landed at the bottom in an ungraceful fashion where the Cheshire Cat was ready to greet her. Alice chased the White Rabbit as soon as she saw him and was able to obtain the Vorpal Blade for the first time.

She was eventually told that the person she was searching for was Mayor Elder, the Mayor of the gnome civilization. From there, she traveled through the Village of the Doomed to Pandemonium.


Dementia - Steam Vents

The Steam Vents in Dementia.

Dementia was an underground mining city with the platforms and buildings mainly constructed using wood, rock, and stone. The city itself was shaded green and was a fairly small city with very few residents, all of which were known to be males. It also had a few shops and areas where products were made.

Due to the corruption of Wonderland, the waters that used to flow beneath the city turned into deadly green color which was poisonous to Alice.


Residents and creatures[]


  • This area was used as a tutorial for new players, as throughout there were gnomes who attempted to discuss the situation about the Queen of Hearts with Alice and warned her of the danger.
  • Some gnomes referred to Alice as their champion. Similarly, in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland film, released ten years later, some characters also refer to Alice as a "champion".
  • It is the only city populated by gnomes throughout Wonderland.