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Deadtime Watch
Deadtime Watch
Effect(s) Stops time for a short moment
Series American McGee's Alice
This unique watch stops time... for a time. Unlike death, time moves on. Those who stood still with time move on also... unless they're dead.
Cheshire Cat[1]

The Deadtime Watch is one of Alice's items in her third return to Wonderland that used to belong to the White Rabbit until the Mad Hatter took it after he crushed him under his foot.

It could be considered a weapon in a way, as it is lumped with her other weapons in the inventory and its assigned key is 0. However, it has never been officially categorized as one.


American McGee's Alice[]

After a long and tedious final battle with the Mad Hatter in About Face, Alice had gone up his clock tower only to be greeted by the watch and upon collecting it, the Cheshire Cat. Once Alice had collected it and left, she proceeded to the next area of Wonderland.[1]


The watch only has a single use, which is the ability to stop time for a short period. Unlike all of Alice's toys, this one does no damage to enemies and cannot be used to directly attack them, but as the name implies, it can toy with time, acting more as an ability rather than a weapon.

During the period of its use, Alice is able to move around the domain while enemies and other animated objects will freeze. It can be only used for a period of time of around fifteen seconds, indicated by the slow-moving image concealing itself back into Alice's willpower meter.

This can help in difficult situations, allowing for quick escape when cornered or surrounded, or when simply traversing particularly troublesome pathways with many dangers, such as the lava platforming sections filled with Fire Snarks.

Afterwards, the Watch cannot be used again until the next level, making it more similar to her abilities (such as Rage Boxes and Grasshopper Tea) rather than her actual weapons. However, the Watch is more useful as it can be used at any time and not at a set period or level in the game.

Bosses are not affected by the Deadtime Watch.