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Red Queen outlineThis article is about the main residence of the Queen of Hearts.
For the whole palace, see Heart Palace.
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Dark of Heartness

Heart of Darkness

Dark of Heartness

Also known as

Heart of Darkness


Eastern hemisphere

First appearance
  • American McGee's Alice
  • Alice: Madness Returns
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Previous Castle Keep [AMA]
What you claim not to know is merely what you've denied. You've recaptured your vagrant memories, what are you doing with them? You once rejected my attempts to control our lives, forcefully! But now you've allowed another to succeed in my role!
— The Queen of Hearts to Alice

The Dark of Heartness, also known as the Heart of Darkness, was a part of the Heart Palace and the main residence of Queen of Hearts. It was made up of flesh and housed parts of her body, including her organs. It served as the area for Alice Liddell's final battle and was revisited on her fourth journey.


American McGee's Alice

After the death of the Cheshire Cat, Alice continued to the Queen's throne room where the Queen of Hearts laid patiently waiting. Alice approached her and asked her a question, the Queen responded and slowly bent forward, as her face fell off, she rose up and attacked Alice.

Once Alice had defeated her, it became apparent that the Queen was merely a puppet that Alice had thought. She was then taken by the Queen to a remote part of Wonderland where Alice saw her true form. Upon killing the Queen, Alice restored Wonderland and regained her sanity.

Alice: Madness Returns

Unable to regain control of Wonderland, and still very weak, the Queen of Hearts was enraged that Alice had allowed the Dollmaker to claim authority over Wonderland in her stead, and wanted fiercely to be left alone. When Alice finally reached the throne of the Queen, the Queen complained of her lost rule, but offered Alice truth as to how she may stop the desolation of her mind and gave her clues as to who could benefit from her insanity. At this, Alice came back to reality, and realized that it was Angus Bumby who was making her forget the truth.

Residents and creatures

American McGee's Alice

Alice: Madness Returns


  • The top portion of the castle looks like a head. In the first game, Alice is going through the "body castle" up to the head, where the Queen of Hearts resides.
  • There is an area which appears at the Queen's final form. It is still part of the Heart Palace, specifically the Heart of Darkness, but is technically not part of any domain.
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