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Daimyo Wasp
Daimyo Wasp
First appearance Oriental Grove
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Melee attack Naginata
Ranged attack Aerial Smash
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A Daimyo Wasp is nothing without armor. Strip it away piece by piece to finish the fight.
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Daimyo Wasps are powerful wasp enemies found in Oriental Grove. They wear elaborate armor and wield long naginatas to assault anything they consider a threat. They are usually found with several Samurai Wasps.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

After reaching the Origami Ant Elder's temple, Alice was attacked by two Samurai Wasps. When they were defeated, a Daimyo Wasp flew down in front of the temple gate and started to attack her.[1]


Daimyo Wasps wear a full suit of traditional samurai armor and wield long naginatas. They have a yellow uwa-obi or himo below their dō and have a huge yellow crest on their dō with four shuriken symbols. Their kabuto has a crescent moon as its maedate and extends to each side as horns. They have a yellow sashimono with the same shuriken symbols attached to the back of their dō.


  • Aerial Smash – Nearby or at a distance, the Daimyo will start yelling and hovering in the air. After a couple seconds, it will smash its weapon into the ground, damaging anyone in a small radius around it. The attack also sends a wave of damaging energy in Alice's direction.
  • Naginata – When Alice is close by, the Daimyo will take a basic swipe with its weapon. The Daimyo will also fly quickly to Alice while it spins its weapon to hit her.



Alice Madness Returns - Tough Enemies 6 - Daimyo Wasp

Alice fighting a Daimyo Wasp.

  • While charging (and yelling) its overhead smash attack, the Daimyo is vulnerable to the Pepper Grinder - it will interrupt the attack and leave the Daimyo dazed.
  • Hitting it after its slam attack with the Hobby Horse or a Clockwork Bomb will leave the Daimyo Wasp stunned and open for attack.


  • The purpose of the sashimono was to identify the wearer as friend or foe. Its background color often indicated which army unit the wearer belonged to.


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