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American McGee's Alice Wonderland
Croquet Mallet
Croquet Mallet
Location * Skool Daze
Based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland's croquet mallets
Assigned key 3
Series American McGee's Alice
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Here's a riddle. When is a croquet mallet like a billy club? I'll tell you: whenever you want it to be.
Cheshire Cat

The Croquet Mallet is the third weapon that Alice found during her third return in Wonderland. It can be found twice during the Skool level, once in the main lobby and once in the "Second Grayd" wing of the school.


American McGee's Alice[]

After Alice entered the Skool during Skool Daze, she appeared in the foyer. She went ahead and encountered several Card Guards along the way. Upon defeating them and crossing some platforms to reach the weapon, she grabbed it and was greeted by the Cheshire Cat.[1]


As most weapons, the Mallet has two attacks, a primary and a secondary. For the primary, Alice swings the mallet around like a small hammer, with an electric aftershock when it makes contact with an enemy. It is not extremely powerful and uses no willpower of Alice's. The primary benefit of this weapon is that it provides a longer reach in melee than the knife does, to keep a safer distance from enemy attacks and help with easier backstepping to dodge them.

The secondary attack involves Alice using the mallet to launch an electrified croquet ball, which moves and bounces at a high velocity and also provides an electric aftershock to whomever it makes contact with. It will bounce around a room for a few seconds, and upon failing to make contact with an enemy, will disappear.


It is a croquet mallet with the head shaped like that of a flamingo. The flamingo is dark in color, mostly consisting of sickly greens, and has red-rimmed yellow scleras as well as orange irises. It has a small red handling area for Alice to hold it by and it can be wielded with only one hand. The croquet ball is gray with a tint of purple and has a thick brown line along its center.


  • The Mallet comes from the later chapters of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, where Alice plays in a croquet match with the Queen of Hearts where the mallets are live flamingos.
Croquet Mallet location

The first location of the Croquet Mallet.

  • The weapon can also be picked up again later in the classroom before the Skool garden if the player fails to pick it up the first time. It can be picked up both times, and the Cheshire Cat will perform his same lines both times no matter what. Although not upgrading the weapon, picking it up the second time will heal Alice's Will. Later on it can also be found in the underground segment of Wonderland Woods, and on top of a pillar in the Pale Realm.
  • In American McGee's Alice, if Alice is left idle while carrying the Croquet Mallet, she will perform one of several random animations with the weapon. These include bouncing a hedgehog ball on the head of the mallet, swinging the Mallet and accidentally hitting her head, or tossing the Mallet up then catching it (or missing it, in which case she won't notice for a second, then bend down to pick it up).
  • The primary melee attack of the Mallet does not use any Will, making it one of only two weapons in the game you can use to attack without spending Will (the other is the Vorpal Blade). Unlike the Vorpal Blade, however, the secondary ranged attack does use Will.