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Alice: Madness Returns Wonderland
Location Hatter's Domain
First appearance Chapter 1
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Location on map
Hatter's Domain map

The Crockery was a desolate wasteland near Hatter's Domain. It had smashed up teapots and symbols of Mercury, giving Alice Liddell an idea that she was about to meet the Mad Hatter.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Alice began to notice the Ruin changing the scenery of her surroundings near the edge of the Vale of Tears. The land started to fall apart and more sludge appeared as she explored more of the area. When she arrived at the Looking Glass Railway, the station and the train tracks were destroyed, and covered with ruin as well as the land it once stood on.

She entered the tunnel and experienced an earthquake shortly after her entrance to the area. Huge chunks of earth fell apart and managed to block the tunnel's entrance. It left Alice no choice but to continue further for an exit.[1] She managed to discover the crockery at the end of the tunnel and met the Hatter's minion-like counterparts, the Madcaps.[2]


The terrain was mostly of canyon rock, cliffs, sand and dirt, and was home to the Madcaps. The area was tinted with an orange color and fades in and out at points. There were hundreds of discarded white and grey teapots that litter the area coming in many shapes and sizes, presumably discarded by the Hatter.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Madcaps


  • The teapots could have possibly been placed by the Mad Hatter, possibly while deludedly raving about tea parties, as he does several times throughout the game.
  • Near Hatter's Domain, within the junkyard of porcelain and teapots, a dead Automaton can be found leaning against a wall with its chassis broken open. Inside are the skeletal remains of an Insane Child.


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