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Alice: Madness Returns London Wonderland
Nurse Cratchet
Biographical information
Provenance London
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Auburn
Personal information
Allies Orderlies, Dr. Heironymous Q. Wilson, Superintendent
Occupation Rutledge Asylum nurse
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A hole in the head gives the troubles more space!
— Nurse Cratchet[1]

Nurse Cratchet was present alongside Dr. Heironymous Q. Wilson when Alice Liddell was sent into a nightmare by the Queen of Hearts. She was also seen with the Orderlies, who took the appearances of the Tweedles, in the flashbacks where they performed bloodletting and trepanning on Alice.[1]

Alice was in her care and was assisted frequently by the Superintendent's nephews. Nurse Cratchet abused Alice and allowed her thugs to deal the damage when performing various treatments.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Alice's return in the asylum

Cratchet in Alice's nightmare.

After Alice was eaten by the Queen of Hearts, she had a hallucination that she was back in Rutledge Asylum. Alice saw Nurse Cratchet with Dr. Wilson speaking about how she was back again after being deemed sane enough to be released and the state of the room in nonsensical gibberish.

When Alice visited the Trepanning and Bloodletting Rooms, she remembered her experiences with Nurse Cratchet and the Orderlies. However, she saw them as their Wonderland counterparts.[1]


The Tweedles with Nurse Cratchet trepanning Alice

Cratchet's Wonderland counterpart has no face.

Cratchet has auburn hair kept in a bun and wears the typical nurse uniform of the Rutledge Asylum staff albeit stained with blood and dirt. Her uniform consists of a dark teal dress, a white pinafore apron, a white nurse cap, and dark brown shoes.

Cratchet's Wonderland counterpart also wears the same clothing, however, she is depicted with no facial features, white skin, nurse's cap and apron, and has gray dress and shoes. Her Wonderland counterpart also has seven fingers.[1]


"A feeble-minded, mean-spirited toady, like many of her ilk, barely suited for emptying bed-pans and mopping up vomit. She was no friend to me."
Alice Liddell about Nurse Cratchet

Nurse Cratchet is a mean spirited woman and had been shown to abuse Alice with various medical treatments and never treat the young woman with care. She is unhygienic yet strictly enforces discipline on her patients. She puts on a facade when around her superiors, seeming to be concerned with a patient's well-being and agreeing with whatever her superior says. Though in reality, she is quick to deliver merciless treatments with the help of her assistants, the Orderlies.[1]


  • In cut audio footage of the game, it is revealed Nurse Cratchet took no care whatsoever in her hygiene, but was strict on "disciplining" Alice's mind. It was also revealed that she and the Orderlies were also present when Alice was given electroshock therapy.[2]
    • Cratchet's subtitles are found in Pris's subtitle file.[2]
  • She might have been inspired, at least partially, by Nurse Ratched from the 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. In addition to the similarity in their names, both are nurses in asylums who inflict cruel "treatments" on the patients. Her name might also be a reference to the character Bob Cratchit and his family from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens as both were written in the same time period during the 1800s albeit a few years apart with A Christmas Carol coming first in 1843 and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland coming 22 years afterwards publishing wise in 1865.


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