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Here is where you can see all the collectibles in order of being collected. Including Memories, Pig Snouts, Bottles, and even Radula Rooms. This is for people who don't want to go through an hour long video, and instead just want some quick screenshots.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

Hatter's Domain[]

#1 - Memory - Intermingling of Species[]
This one is right in your path, not hard to find.

This one is right in your path, not hard to find.

#2 - Memory - Parental Palpitations[]
Memory 2 - Parental Palpitations

Also right in your way, just past the platforming section.

#3 - Memory - When What Reeks Can Kill[]
Memory 3 - When What Reeks Can Kill

A little hidden, but still not too hard to find by yourself.

#4 - Memory - The Desire to Disappear[]
Memory 4 - The Desire to Disappear

Right in front of you after gaining the Shrink Sense ability.

#5 - Memory - Fun by Oneself Revealed[]
Memory 5 - Fun by Oneself Revealed

Found behind a rock just before you use the blue mushroom. Shrink Sense will show you exactly where it is if this screenshot isn't enough.