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Clockwork Bomb
Clockwork Bomb
Location Hatter's Domain
Based on White Rabbit
Series Alice: Madness Returns

The Clockwork Bomb, or Clock Bomb, is one of Alice Liddell's weapons. It is a metal clockwork contraption shaped like a bunny and acts as an explosive, providing other uses outside of combat.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Alice found the Clockwork Bomb among the scrap of metal in Hatter's Domain on her way to find the Mad Hatter. After obtaining the weapon, she was able to break fragile walls to further move on to the area and continue her journey.[1]


Alice using Clockwork Bomb

Alice using the Clockwork Bomb against the Eyepot.

As it has a timer, the bomb can explode either when Alice hits a button on her remote control, or when the timer goes off after 30 seconds. Likely due to the fact it looks like an animal, enemies can become distracted by it and try to attack it, giving Alice time to escape or to attack them. As well as harming foes when it explodes, it has the ability to break some enemies' guards and blocks. The explosions cannot harm Alice, so she is able to stand next to them and not lose health.

However, some enemies like the Colossal Ruin or Executioner are not distracted by the bomb and still target Alice when it is dropped. Because of this, it is more useful when weaker enemies get in the way of Alice's aim to take down much larger and stronger enemies.

It is also a useful item outside of battles, because the bomb can be used as a weight to hold Pressure Pads down during puzzles. It allows Alice to get off the pad and run off to other things. As it is timed however, Alice only has about 30 seconds before the bomb explodes and the pad turns off. There is no way to improve the timer, as the weapon cannot be upgraded.


Clockwork bomb appearance

Clockwork Bomb's appearance.

The Clockwork Bomb looks like a smaller version of the White Rabbit on its hind legs in a red-and-black waistcoat and top-hat, holding a gold pocket watch in its hands which acts as the timer. However, unlike the real Rabbit with his skinny, corpse-like appearance, the bomb looks like a fat cuddly toy with pinkish-red glowing eyes. The face of the watch also glows pinkish-red. The bomb is made from metal and clockwork as it even ticks and rings like an alarm clock.


  • It is the only weapon of its kind, and like the Umbrella, it cannot be upgraded nor is there a special DLC version of it.
  • Until Alice gets the Hobby Horse, this is the only weapon that can break fragile walls and floors down.
  • It is possible, since the Rabbit is not involved in the main plot of the game, that this weapon is some form of tribute to him.
  • It is the only weapon Alice can use during Shrink Sense. She can use it in the hidden areas accessed via keyholes, although it would be useless due to the lack of enemies in these areas.
  • Killing 30 enemies with the Clockwork Bomb results in the achievement/trophy called Beware of the Lagomorph.
  • The Clockwork Bomb is similar to the Monkey Bomb in the Call of Duty: Black Ops series, which also looks like a toy, enemies can be distracted by it, and it can be blown up.


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