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Effect(s) Regains health while shrunk [AMR]
Based on Original illustrations of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Series * American McGee's Alice
Made for any situation Wonderland may throw at Alice.
Alice: Madness Returns Equip Menu[1]

The Classic dress is Alice Liddell's main costume in her adventures. It is based on the dress that she wore in the original illustrations for Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but with a macabre and gothic element.

The dress' in-game effect during New Game+ grants Alice the ability to constantly regain health while using Shrink Sense.


Dress symbols[]

Main article: Dress symbols

For the remaster of American McGee's Alice, as well as Madness Returns:

  • ErisEris-symbol-Poland – Represents the Greek goddess Eris, the ruler of chaos, strife and discord.
  • Jupiter – The representative of mind rising above the horizon of matter.


The Classic dress is a blue knee-length dress with short puffy sleeves, worn with a bloodstained white pinafore apron. The apron's pockets have the astronomical signs of Eris and Jupiter sewn on them. She wears a pair of black and white striped stockings and knee-high black boots with belts. Her Omega pendant is on a silver chain around her neck.

Hollow Yves[]

Hollow Yves appears as a bow with a skull clasped around the tie. The skull itself is very long in shape and a cream color that appears to decay mildly in certain areas. The cream of the skull matches the ribbon itself, but on Alice's dress it appears to be a whiter color.


Alice and Cheshire figure

Alice in her classic dress figurine.

The Classic dress had received two figurines from both editions of the game, however, unlike the original, the Alice: Madness Returns edition was in fact posable. The first figure came with a Cheshire Cat, while the second came with several of Alice's weapons, including her Vorpal Blade, Pepper Grinder, and Hobby Horse. The Classic dress was sold separately from all characters in the Diamond Select Madness Returns edition of the figures, however, the original figure shared a box with the Cheshire Cat.


  • It is Alice Liddell's most iconic dress.
  • The dress symbols have been depicted inconsistently throughout artwork and in-game models. In official art for the first game, they are Neptune and a stylized Jupiter. In the original release of the first game, the first symbol is unknown, while the second appears to be a stylized star.
  • Unlike the Hysteria figure and the Royal Suit, the second edition Alice is fairly accurate to the original, as the mold was originally intended for the Classic dress.
  • Eris being the goddess of strife and Jupiter being the king of the gods may represent Alice's responsibility to Wonderland.
  • Alice's necklace is the Omega symbol, which is commonly used to represent the end of something. It could represent how Alice is fighting to end her insanity, or symbolize death, the end of life.
  • In a trailer for Madness Returns, Alice is seen wearing a unique variant of the dress.
  • In Alice: Otherlands, the Classic dress is the only dress to have Hollow Yves' ribbons.
  • American said in a Patreon post he plans to change the appearance of the dress for Alice: Asylum. He also said, "She's younger in Asylum. She changes. The Dress changes."


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