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Chess player

An Alice bust as the chess player.

The chess player is a pawn that was used in the chess board challenge in Queensland to replace Alice Liddell when fighting on the chess board.

Chess board challenge[]

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There are two chess players, one white and one red. They each move on opposite sides and must reach their goals simultaneously to finish the challenge. Red Rooks will block the path while Red Knights move as the player moves and will destroy the player if it can.


The white chess player is a bust of Alice with the Omega Symbol on it. It is grey and faded in color and does not come with a red playable counterpart as Alice is an original piece who chooses to fight by White King's rule. Both red and white pieces are technically both part of the White army.


  • This is the only time Alice is a chess counterpart in Alice: Madness Returns and is also the only time she can fight against chess pieces.