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Chess pieces
Chess Pieces
Biographical information
Alias White pieces
Red pieces
Provenance Wonderland
Physical description
Gender All male, excluding the Queens
Personal information
Allies White: Alice Liddell
Red: Queen of Hearts
Enemies White: Queen of Hearts
Red: Alice Liddell
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The chess pieces of the Pale Realm were in an endless war until the death of Queen of Hearts.[1] However, it was only the Red Pieces who posed a threat to Alice Liddell; the White Pieces were her allies and even fought on her behalf.

Alice helped the White Pieces to win the endless chess game against the Red Pieces by defeating the Red King and reviving the decapitated White Queen with a White Pawn.[2] The Red Pieces later participated in the battle for Wonderland against the White Pieces and other allies of Alice, but were likely defeated with the destruction of the Queen of Hearts.


Through the Looking-Glass[]

Alice first encountered the chess pieces in this novel.

American McGee's Alice[]

All forms of pieces only appeared on the outskirts and insides of the Pale Realm area, other than the missing Red Queen. The White pieces ignored Alice, and at times fought for her, and took her through sections of the domain. The Red pieces attacked Alice on sight, and also had a duty to capture the White Queen.

Alice eventually found the White King, who begged her for help as his wife had been captured. Giving her a Pawn, he let her set off into the red half of the domain to find the Queen,[3] who was eventually beheaded before Alice can save her.

Once at the end of the domain, she encountered the Red King and after being defeated, let the White Pawn go. At the end of the domain, the White Pawn turned into the White Queen due to the promotion rule.[2]

Alice: Madness Returns[]

Both White and Red chess pieces, with the exception of the White and Red Pawns, were decaying statues in the courtyard of the entrance of the Heart Palace,[4] and in the Majestic Maze.[5] The White King was still alive but was eliminated by Alice to go to the Queen's castle.[4] The other Red Knights and Red Rooks that were still alive were in the Chess Rooms of the Waste Wing part of the castle.[6][7]


Red pieces[]

The Red pieces consist of the Red King, Red Queen, who was believed to have merged with the Queen of Hearts due to her absence, Bishops, crazed horse-like Knights, muscle-bound Rooks, and small cycloptic Pawns.

White pieces[]

White pieces are identical to the Red pieces, with their only difference being color. The set also contains the White King, White Queen, BishopsKnightsRooks, and Pawns.


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