American McGee's Alice

American McGee's Alice
Cheshire Cat in a trailer.
Alice in forest
Cheshire Cat with Alice in the Wonderland Woods.
Airborne Terror - Cheshire Cat
Water Logged - Cheshire Cat
Cat in Water Logged.
Cat dies
Cat being killed by one of the Queen of Hearts' tentacles.

Alice: Madness Returns

Alice: Madness Returns Storybook
Cheshire Cat Storybook render
Cheshire Cat.
Cheshire Cat Storybook render 2
Cheshire Cat smiling.
Alice: Madness Returns
Metal Coils
Alice and Cheshire Cat by Joy Ang.
Cheshire logo
Cat in the opening.
Cat talking
Cat in the Vale of Tears.
Alice bathing in the potion
Cat in the Vale of Tears.
Vorpal Blade in Vale of Tears
Cat looking at the Vorpal Blade.
Cheshire Queensland
Cat outside Queensland.
Cheshire Cat quiz
Cat quizzing Alice in a Radula Room.
Cheshire AMR
Cheshire Cat.
Cheshire Cat render
Cat in the Extra Content.

Alice: Asylum

Alice: Asylum
Cheshire Cat asylum
Concept art of a kitten-like Cat.
Cheshire Cat asylum redone
Concept art of Cat resembling his American McGee's Alice version more.

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